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P.A.O. Design e moda Firenze
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Welcome to P.A.O.’s! P.A.O. Pragmatic Artistic Option ✽ Italian Design Handbags and Accessories ✽ Handmade in Florence, Italy ✽
P.A.O. is a brand of lifestyle handbags and accessories for those who demand stylish aesthetics with the added value of practicality and feasibility.
I am an independent designer, creating and manufacturing my products with my own hands with neatness on the details and accuracy for the selection of materials.
P.A.O.’s creations reflect my personality, my heritage, and my story: the ingenuity from my father, the traditional handicraft skills from my mother and grandmother, my own artistic flair, my natural aptitude for self-learning…All these blended up for you into all my little masterpieces of artistic handicraft, always with a pragmatic approach.
Welcome to P.A.O.’s shop…your Pragmatic and Artistic Option!

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